Saturday, January 17, 2015


To keep the wheel spinning, progress is happening on the yarn for the alpaca/wool cushion.

Already have two bobbins spun and onto the third. Going well. 
More to come...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Back on the Treadle!

After so long, its about time I got back into my spinning and posting on The Woolly Mother. Work has tended to take over for quite a while, but now a balance has to be made. I've missed my spinning and creative side and intend to keep it going and moving. I have been knitting, although with commercial yarn and completed a few things, such as socks, jumpers, and finally finished the finer handspun short-sleeved cardy for my daughter. It turned out very well. Pics coming.

Now onto new projects. Am currently spinning yarn for a cushion - had enough of making garments for a while, I want something different. The alpaca/wool blend will be soft and cuddly. As to colour? Not sure yet. Its naturally white but am toying with a pale orange - something different. As I love knitting cables, there will undoubtedly be cables in the mix and already have some ideas in mind. Progressing...

The idea of a move to a new spinning wheel is looming. Although my Ashford Traveller is a good wheel, it does not spin a good fine yarn. Yes, its an excellent beginner and work wheel, but now looking for something more refined. So far, the Kromski Minstral is winning the race. I havent tried spinning on it yet as there are none in my area but from accounts and reviews it is a good wheel and will perform as stated.

Its getting late - I didnt realise the time. Oooops. So -

Ciao for now...

Friday, December 28, 2012

Reconnecting with 'The Wheel'

Oh dear, I didn't realise it was SO long since I have posted on my blog. I thought it was only a few months ago... ummm... Weeeell, it was only eleven of them... Oooops.

Never mind, it has been go, go, go with work at Aurora House but for the last couple of days, I've pulled my wheel out and taken some time to relax and restore - she was complaining loudly about being so neglected - and have been spinning English tops, though I cannot for the life of me remember what fleece it is.

Even though its spinning up nicely, its quite coarse so will probably use it for something other than garment wear. It might turn into a bag; there is only about 100grams so it wont go very far on its own, though I could intermingle it with something else for a fashion effect...

Spinning English fleece is such a lovely change to the Australian fleeces - there is so much more choice. Considering I have boxes and boxes of fleece I've gathered over the last couple of years or so, its about time I got stuck in and started to whittle it down. Nooooo, not by de-stashing, I couldnt let it go, but by spinning it up - before I start buying more.

'Hmmmm... fat chance of that,' say all my spinning buddies.

I've also dragged out another fleece I'm spinning and decided to wash the balance of it in readiness for use. This one is Merino/English Leicester. A nice fleece, but very dirty - more so than I thought when I bought it. It spins easily but is more coarse than I thought it would be, so outer wear will be the end result of this one - a winter jacket, if I get it done in time.  :-)

There are a number of projects I have to finish - then again, I think we all have those...

A brand new year is about to get underway, and lots of new ideas are in the making.

If you are a knitter, its an excellent relaxation therapy - and can also help with other health problems, such as pain management, depression, stress, can help with dementia. There is so much more to knitting than just clickety-clack.

If you want to find out more about Knitting Therapy, take a look at Stitchlinks - -  It is a revolutionary method of helping many health issues. Research is being carried out in the UK with amazing results. There are many options, with tips for reducing pain, and helping to conquer addiction as well as many other problems.

Apart from that, knitting gets the creative juices flowing when re-hashing a pattern, or designing a new garment or item, playing with stitches for different effects, and intermingling colour to its most effective scheme.

So, get those needles out and clickety-clacking away - and have fun creating your masterpiece...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Australia Day Mode

So how did your Australia Day go? It was one of those sloooow mornings that take time getting going, with the compulsory bacon and egg for brekky. Plus a coffee.

After that, I carried on re-vamping my blog, so my head was buried for most of the day. When I did come up for air, I noticed the weather wasn't the best - overcast with added rain. At least down on the south coast we didn't have the heavy rain that Sydney received. My granddaughter and the cat took it all in their stride; the former playing either on the computer or with her iTouch, the latter in usual mode - flat out, as cats usually are during the day.

Yesterday, Jassie was in lizard mode and decided to catch a lovely black one - no idea what it was, but it certainly wasn't one I have seen here before. Much to his disgust, it escaped him. I noticed him trying to clamber up the towels hanging on the clothes airer. Wondering what he was up to, I decided to investigate. I found the lizard tucked up in a towel and rescued it.

In the meantime, we have one very confused cat...

Where did that Lizard go?

Still sniffing...

We are not impressed!

Pity I wasn't quicker and took pics of him dragging the towels off the airer, it was quite amusing. A happy ending, I let the lizard loose into the bushes and quite safe from Le Cat.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Warmer Handspun Scarf

Brrrrrr... With the cooler weather in the northern hemisphere already set in, and starting to think about it in the southern climes, the time is nigh to set the wheels in motion for making sure that keeping warm this winter will be a comfortable affair, so knitting has commenced!

The first 'knit off the block' is a handspun, scarf with the addition of colourful flecks to enhance that winter coat or sweater.

I decided to be cheeky and add a teaser. This scarf is a chunky weight and will be medium length. It's still in its early stages - I knitted as I was watching Santos Tour Down Under, though I did more watching than knitting. Weeell, I have to get into practice for Le Tour in July, don't I? ...

Knitted on chunky needles, the scarf gives a rustic effect. The red flecks enhance the natural brown of the handspun yarn.

I'm working frantically to add more Winter Warmers to my store. There are other goodies in the pipeline too.

What?     Aaaah, that would be telling...

The new Winter Warmers will be in my  Etsy Store
The Woolly Mother and available for you to add to your winter wardrobe as they come off the production line.

Now - back to the knitting...