Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Warmer Handspun Scarf

Brrrrrr... With the cooler weather in the northern hemisphere already set in, and starting to think about it in the southern climes, the time is nigh to set the wheels in motion for making sure that keeping warm this winter will be a comfortable affair, so knitting has commenced!

The first 'knit off the block' is a handspun, scarf with the addition of colourful flecks to enhance that winter coat or sweater.

I decided to be cheeky and add a teaser. This scarf is a chunky weight and will be medium length. It's still in its early stages - I knitted as I was watching Santos Tour Down Under, though I did more watching than knitting. Weeell, I have to get into practice for Le Tour in July, don't I? ...

Knitted on chunky needles, the scarf gives a rustic effect. The red flecks enhance the natural brown of the handspun yarn.

I'm working frantically to add more Winter Warmers to my store. There are other goodies in the pipeline too.

What?     Aaaah, that would be telling...

The new Winter Warmers will be in my  Etsy Store
The Woolly Mother and available for you to add to your winter wardrobe as they come off the production line.

Now - back to the knitting...

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