Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Back on the Treadle!

After so long, its about time I got back into my spinning and posting on The Woolly Mother. Work has tended to take over for quite a while, but now a balance has to be made. I've missed my spinning and creative side and intend to keep it going and moving. I have been knitting, although with commercial yarn and completed a few things, such as socks, jumpers, and finally finished the finer handspun short-sleeved cardy for my daughter. It turned out very well. Pics coming.

Now onto new projects. Am currently spinning yarn for a cushion - had enough of making garments for a while, I want something different. The alpaca/wool blend will be soft and cuddly. As to colour? Not sure yet. Its naturally white but am toying with a pale orange - something different. As I love knitting cables, there will undoubtedly be cables in the mix and already have some ideas in mind. Progressing...

The idea of a move to a new spinning wheel is looming. Although my Ashford Traveller is a good wheel, it does not spin a good fine yarn. Yes, its an excellent beginner and work wheel, but now looking for something more refined. So far, the Kromski Minstral is winning the race. I havent tried spinning on it yet as there are none in my area but from accounts and reviews it is a good wheel and will perform as stated.

Its getting late - I didnt realise the time. Oooops. So -

Ciao for now...

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